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Chicago is no stranger to the supernatural. For the past few years, the magical community has been buzzing with near-apocalyptic battles, with one Harry Dresden, professional wizard, at its center. Most of its citizens are pitifully unaware of how close their world has come to an end multiple times.

All of this is about to change.

Strange things are happening in the Second City. Chicago has been abruptly cut off from the rest of the world. Factions of vampires, fairies, and fallen angels that previously had different agendas have been suddenly working together. And even more astonishing, people who claim to be from worlds radically different from ours are beginning to appear in the middle of Chicago's streets with no reason and no warning.

What or who is behind this strangeness? What has even the most dangerous of villains working together to stop an unknown threat? Who is the mysterious Postman? Look for your answers carefully because not all is at it seems.

But one thing's for certain: this ain't your wizard's Chicago.
Second City is a multifandom Livejournal RPG based off Jim Butcher's urban fantasy series The Dresden Files. In this world, you will find vampires, wizards, angels, and fairies all sharing the same world as your ordinary Chicago citizens. While the setting does take place in Butcher's Chicago, no knowledge of The Dresden Files is required to played the game (although you may be enabled to read it by numerous players here).

Second City RPG is open to canon characters from any book, video game, anime, comic book, TV show, or movie. How will your characters react to this world? Will they form alliances to find a way to escape or will they join the darker forces that may be keeping them there? The decision is yours, but remember - there are consequences for every action.

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